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March 16, 2022

Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions

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2022 Remodelers Showcase


A Nightmare on Cibola Circle Becomes a Miracle

A Whole House Remodel


This remodel began with a massive explosion caused by a subterranean propane gas leak in December 2019. That horrifying explosion, which was featured on the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican, destroyed a casita and sent shockwaves and debris more than a mile away. The homeowners miraculously survived unscathed.

Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions, LLC came in to sift the rubble for family treasures and take on the repair of the home and guest house. The home was rebuilt in the spirit of the original design with a few revisions to boot.

No less than half the interior drywall, wall-and-roof framing, insulation, and electrical wiring required replacement. Fabu-WALL-ous replaced three-quarters of the windows and all of the roofing, carpet, plumbing vents, and concrete retaining wall. Teamwork made this dream work. The Fabu-WALL-ous team and clients worked together and embraced each other throughout the process to create this remarkable masterpiece of hard work, skill, and determination.

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