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Join the Movement for Housing: SFAHBA Throws Support Behind Governor’s Housing and Homelessness Legislative Agenda

Interview with Housing Policy Advisor to the Office of NM Governor, Daniel Werwath – January 25

On Wednesday, January 24, several members of our Association alongside New Mexico home-building business leaders, met with the Governor’s housing advisors to hear details of the Governor’s 2024 housing investment initiative.

On January 18, our Local Association’s Executive Committee voted to actively support these initiatives consisting of over $500M in funding split between the NM Housing Trust Fund and an expanded Opportunity Enterprise Revolving Fund.  

The culmination of over a year of work by Association members participating on the Housing Investment Council! However, we recognize the proposed package of legislation may not perfectly answer every question or concern about how New Mexico can impact our persistent housing crisis, but it is the most well-thought-out collection of legislation we have before us to take action NOW and increase the production of housing for New Mexicans.  

We don’t have the luxury of time. New Mexico needs #HousingNOW! Read below for details on how YOU can make calls, write letters, and join your Association in supporting the housing initiatives at our legislature.

NAHB recently released its 2023 Priced Out Estimates, showing how higher prices and interest rates affect housing affordability. Data shows the estimated new median New Mexico home price is $468,259. Based on family income data, an analysis of the 876,670 households in the State, 746,336, or 85% of New Mexico households cannot afford a home purchase.

We ask members to join us in voicing support for the initiative that is moving through the legislature via several pieces of legislation:

Creation of the Office of Housing (SB71)

GOAL: Creation of a state entity concerned with the overall housing problem ensuring a healthy environment for housing production at all income levels.

Opportunity Enterprise Revolving Fund (OERF) Statute Changes (HB 195)

GOAL: Expand the OERF to make funding opportunities available to the private sector developers for workforce housing and housing infrastructure.

Expansion of the Public Project Revolving Fund

GOAL: expand the PPRF to fund housing, infrastructure, and provide access to local governments and non-profit housing developers.

CLICK HERE to download the Governor’s Housing and Homelessness 2024 Legislative Agenda summaries.


The thing we love most about New Mexico politics is our voice REALLY matters, and your support can make a significant impact. Here’s how you can participate to support the New State housing legislation:

  • Spread the Word: Share information about the legislation on your social media platforms and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Use the hashtag #HousingForAll to amplify our message.
  • Contact Your Representatives: Reach out to your local legislators in the House and Senate and express your support for the Housing and Homelessness legislative agenda. Let them know why housing matters to you and your community, and share your thoughts on how the large investment can increase housing production in our state. 

    Since the investment is negotiated through the budget, it would be most impactful to reach out to senators on the Senate Finance Committee or representatives on the Housing Appropriation and Finance Committee. 

    And, support bills for the Creation of the Office of Housing (SB71) and the expansion of the Opportunity Enterprise Revolving Fund (HB 195) by speaking to legislators.
  • Support at Committee Hearings: Stay informed about committee meetings. Your presence and input at these meetings make a difference. We will send out more information about committee hearings.
  • Write Letters: Craft letters to local newspapers expressing your support for the legislation. Public opinion matters, and your letter could inspire others to join the cause.



Access to housing is a fundamental right that impacts the well-being of individuals, families, and the community at large.

Here are some reasons why housing is so important.

  • Stability: attainable housing that supports our workforce provides stability for families, allowing them to build roots and contribute to their communities.
  • Health: Safe and stable housing is directly linked to better physical and mental health outcomes.
  • Education: Children in stable housing environments perform better in school, setting the foundation for their future success.
  • Economic Growth: A thriving housing market contributes to economic growth by creating jobs and fostering local businesses.
  • Community Well-being: Accessible housing options strengthen the fabric of our communities, fostering diversity, and inclusivity.


Best regards,


Jamie Aranda, 2nd Vice President & Chair of Government and Public Affairs Committee

Laura Long, Association Corp. Secretary, Member of Governor’s Housing Investment Council


Miles Conway, Executive Officer

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