Reasons to Join the Remodelers Council

Top 10 reasons to join the Santa Fe Remodeler Council:

  1. Within the next few years, NAHB predicts that there will be more money spent on remodeling than on home building, and remodeling will continue to grow while home building will remain fairly constant over the years.
  2. Diversifying into remodeling makes most builders immune to fluctuations in the home building market (when building drops off – remodeling increases).
  3. The Santa Fe Remodeler’s educational programs and meeting are designed to increase your remodeling knowledge and to increase your company’s profits.
  4. The SFAHBA Santa Fe Remodeler’s is an affiliate Remodeler’s Council with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and you will receive mailings and information from NAHB on remodeling issues.
  5. Remodeling customers prefer to deal with “specialists”, and being a member of the Santa Fe Remodelers indicates you have remodeling skills and specialties.
  6. Membership enables you to enter the SFAHBA “Excellence in Remodeling Awards” program.  You can win awards to help market your company as the “Best” in various remodeling categories.
  7. You become eligible to be selected either “Remodeler of the Year” or “Associate Remodeler of the Year” by the Santa Fe Remodeler’s of the Santa Fe Are Home Builders Association.
  8. The Santa Fe Remodelers publish a list of its members to be distributed to the public at the SFAHBA Home Show, and anytime upon request from the public.
  9. The Santa Fe Remodelers logo can be used in advertising, including Yellow Pages, business cards, letter head, etc.
  10. WE WANT YOUR MONEY! A portion of your dues goes to NAHB and registers you as a member of the National Remodeler’s Council. The balance stays here with our local Santa Fe Remodelers to provide funds for Remodeler’s programs.

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