New Gross Receipts Tax Rules

to affect your construction related business.

Last year the State of New Mexico finally passed a law to change the tax pyramiding that effected many contractors and related businesses.  Jack Milarch the Executive Officer of the New Mexico Home Builders Association was at our December 19th lunch to help us understand these changes.  For FAQ’s and a copy of the rules and other information, please go to their website at: NM HBA Industry Issues.

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Current SFAHBA Policy Statements

Please read the following recently issued statements from the board of directors at the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association:

Santa Fe County is considering enacting an ordinance addressing Green Building Standards.  SFAHBA Board of Directors has approved a statement addressing this issue.

Santa Fe County is considering enacting an ordinance addressing Energy Efficiency for residential construction.  To be successful, they will need to enter into agreement with New Mexico Construction Industries Division regarding final inspections and issuance of Certificates of Occupancy. SFAHBA Board of Directors has approved a statement urging CID to cooperate with Santa Fe County.

Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger has proposed waiving impact fees collected on all City of Santa Fe residential construction for two years.  SFAHBA Board of Directors has approved a statement addressing this issue.

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SFAHBA Affordable Housing RFP to Santa Fe County

Link to RFP

If you would like to access the “SFAHBA Affordable Housing RFP to Santa Fe County” document, it is located on a remote storage site.  You may access it by following the instructions below:

Type (or copy and paste) into your browser:" or click:
Select your download mode by clicking on “free downloading” tab (under the speedometer ).
A new screen will appear (it offers a gold membership but you can ignore that) and wait for the 60 second clock to start counting down; when it reaches zero your document is downloaded.  Follow the instructions on the screen to place document in file on your computer.

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Santa Fe Community College Classes
The Emerald Home A True Net –Zero residence
The Emerald Home is a statement of supreme excellence in the world of green and sustainable building practices. It will achieve a net-zero designation and the carbon neutral footprint of the 2030
This is an 0N-LINE COURSE It begins on February 5 and runs for 15 weeks.  You can register now, and complete the course at your own pace during the 15 weeks. 
To preview the course go to:  Preview Class
To register go to:  Register for On-line Emerald Home

Building Analyst Training Program

This 5 day BPI Building Analyst Training course prepares participants to conduct a comprehensive inspection and diagnostic analysis of a homes’ energy consumption, using state-of-the art diagnostic tools.  The analysis includes an evaluation and documentation of the building shell, assessment of the efficiency and safety of the mechanical systems and a report of the lighting, appliances and other components of the building’s base load energy use.
The course consists of:  (4) 8 hour days of classroom instruction
(1) 8 hour day of field training and BPI written exam
BPI Field Testing will be scheduled after passing the written exam and requires up to 2 hours additional time per trainee. 
Successful completion provides certification by Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a BPI Certified Building Analyst.
Date and Time:  5 full days of training February 4, 5, 6, 12, 13 from 8:30 am to 4: 30 pm.  Field testing will be scheduled on February 15 and 16, 2010, following completion of the training and successful passing of the written test.

Who should attend:
HVAC, Electrical and General Contractors
Remodelers, Installation and Weatherization crews
Inspectors, Auditors , Designers and others in the Building Industry

Instructor:  Amanda Evans is a HERS Energy Rater and a BPI Certified Building Analyst.

5 day training, written exam and text book $1,025.00
Field testing $250.00
Total cost $1,275.00
CRN# 31522

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400 Years of Santa Fe Home Building and Architecture.

Join Kim Shanahan, Executive Officer of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association on a tour through 400 years of Santa Fe home building and architecture.

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